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Whatever Lola Wants….

1. Esophagus-singeing heartburn.

2.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome coupled with horrific constipation.

3.  Panic attack-inducing claustrophobia.

4.  Restless Leg Syndrome (Yes! It’s REAL!)

5.  Insomnia.

6.  Hemorrhoids.

7.  Varicose veins.

8.  Vaginal varicose veins.  Awesome as it sounds.

9.  47 extra pounds.

10.  Sprained foot from carrying 47 extra pounds.

11. De Quervains tendinitis.  Where you lose the ability to use your thumb.  Or thumbS as the case may be.

12.  14 hours of labor.

13. Stitches in the woo woo.

14.  Bruised tailbone.

15.  No sleep ever again.

But it’s all worth it.


Introducing Lola King Bets

Born September 12th, 2012  7 lbs 9 ounces  and super gorgeous.